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F-G5-001 G5 Granules - 500 gms. packet

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F-G5-002 G5 Granules - 4 Kg. packet

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F-G5-003 G5 Granules - 16 Kg. packet

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F-G5-004 G5 Granules - 25 Kg. packet

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Soil Enricher Granules (Dose: 25 gm / plant & 500 gm / 1000 sqft of Lawn)

G-5 contains live different constituents like Sea Weed Extract, Amino Acids, Neem oil, Humic acid & Anti root rot substance. Because of these five different constituents, it brings about overall vigorous growth of plant, with more flowers & fruits, protects plant from insects & pests, brings about profuse root growth, prevents root decay & damping off.

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