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F-NU-001 Bio Farm NUTRI - 200 ml. / granules

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Bio Farm Nutri is a blend of Micronutrients essential for plant growth. These are called trace elements.

Calcium: for water movement in cells, to takeup nitogen and other minerals.

Mangnesium: for chlorophyll, plant enzymes, carbohydrates, sugars and fats.

Sulphur: for essential amino acids, germination, protein, vitamins.

Boron: for cell wall formation, membrane intgrity, calcium update, flowering, pollen germination, fruiting, cell division, water relationship and movement of hormones.

Copper: for nitrogen metabolism, synthesis of proteins, removes brown spots, keep deficiencies away.

Manganese: for respiration and nitrogen to support metabolism.

Sodium: for osmotic and ionic balance in plants.

Zinc: fro carbohydrate metabolism, protein synthesis and intermodal elongation.

Cobalt: for nitogen fixation in root nodules in legumes and non legumes.

Usage: Add 1 cap in 1 litre of water and spray or sprinkle on the plant once a week.

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