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Pl-Passionfruit Passion Fruit Vine - approx 1-2 ft Height

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Common Name: Passion Fruit,

Botanical Name: Passiflora edulis.

The Passion fruit vine is a shallow-rooted, woody perennial, climbing by means of tendrils. The vine, bears hens egg sized fruits. They are smooth and the rind shrinks on ripening and becomes wrinkled. The rind is bordered by white pith, and inside small, hard, black seeds are surrounded separately by a soft, slightly acid, fragrant and juicy orange yellow pulp. The fruit is rich in vitamin A.

The juice of passion fruit which has excellent flavour is quite delicious, nutritious and liked for its blending quality. It is extensively used in confectionery, and preparation of cakes, pies and ice creams.

The plant will be packed with utmost care to avoid drying during shipping. However, we can not guarantee the survival of the plant.

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