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FB-FL-001 Haemanthus / Football Lily / May Flower Bulbs - 3 Nos.

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Growing Football lilies in the garden is a great way to add seasonal interest. Football lily care is relatively basic and when given suitable accommodations, the plant will continue to reward you each year with its unique fuzzy-looking blooms.

Growing Football lilies is not a difficult task. The Football lily enjoys full sun, but its blooms tend to last longer and perform better when given partial or light shade. In fact, this is a useful plant for shady gardens and looks quite at home in large groups beneath trees, where they do not seem to mind competition from tree roots, provided the soil is good.

Football lily is planted just below the ground in well-drained, humus-rich soil and prefers to be left undisturbed for many years. The Football lily also likes plenty of water during active growth, but doesn’t enjoy water-logged soils, so try not to over water.

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