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FB-NL-001 Nerine Lily Flower Bulbs - 3 Nos. (Red)

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Nerine Lilies can offer something different in the garden with their unique blooms towards the end of the season.


1. Fill your container with soil that drains well.

2. In hot regions, site your nerine where they will receive morning sun and afternoon shade.

3. Dig holes and plant the bulbs with their necks and about an inch of the bulb above the soil surface. The top of the bulb is the part that looks a little like the stem area of an onion. Plant about 8-10" apart.

4. Nerine bulbs develop strappy foliage that gathers sunlight and strengthens the plants during the spring and early summer. Flower stalks develop in the fall.

5. Feel free to cut flower stems for bouquets.

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