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Book-0002 A Handbook of Agriculture (PB)

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A Handbook of Agriculture (PB)

Author: Gaur SC, Singh D,

Publishing Year: 2015

About the Book:

There are enormous scope and opportunities in the agri-business and have now considerably expanded. The credit goes to globalization of trades and agriculture. The policy reform at national level and an extraordinary interest of corporate sector in the field has increased the scope and opportunity in this sector. The technology development has made the Indian agriculture marked global and opened various opportunities for Indian agriculture. Further it has brought various challenges as well. Therefore, agribusiness system has undergone a rapid transformation as new industries have evolved and traditional farming operations have grown larger and more specialized. The transformation did not happen over night, but came slowly as a responses to a variety of forces. Knowing something about how agribusiness came about makes it easier to understand how this system operates today and how it is likely to change in the future. The present book has been planned in such a way to given an overall view of agriculture and business including various industries involved in agri-busniess. the book contain chapter like, an overview of agri-business, trends and proposal in the context of the agri-business , globalization, World Trade Organization(WTO) and agribusiness, intellectual property rights, special features of agri-business projects, agribusiness planning, agriculture market and marketing, agri-marketing channels, role of department of agriculture marketing agribusiness, co-operative marketing, e-marketing, agri-marketing segmentation, inspection and sampling, marketable surpluses, agri-management information system(AMIS), brand management, pricing, sale, and sales management, agriculture credit, agribusiness:microeconomics, agribusiness:micro-finance, agribusiness:contract farming, organic agriculture, production and trade, food processing and preservation, food industry, cereals industry, seafood industry, meat industry, floriculture industry, medicinal and aromatic plants industry, seed industry, fruit and vegetable processing industry, poultry industry, organic manure and biofertilizer industry. The book is appended with, abbreviations, glossary and selected references. The book is indented to assist farmers, agri-business planner, industrialists, student and teacher who are interested in agri-business.

Book Contents:

1. Agribusiness: Introduction
2. Trends and Proposals in the Context of Agricultural Globalization
3. World Trade Organization (WTO) and Agribusiness
4. Agribusiness and Intellectual Property Rights
5. Special Features of Agri-Business Projects
6. Agribusiness Planning
7. Agriculture and Marketing
8. Agri-Marketing Channels
9. Role of Department of Agricultural Marketing and Agri-Business
10. Agribusiness: Co-Operative Marketing
11. Agribusiness: Rural Marketing
12. Agribusiness and E-Marketing
13. Agri-Market Segmentation
14. Inspection and Sampling
15. Marketable Surpluses
16. Agri-Management Information System (AMIS)
17. Brand Management
18. Pricing
19. Sale and Sale's Management
20. Agriculture Credit
21. Agribusiness: Microeconomics
22. Agribusiness: Micro-Finance
23. Agribusiness: Contract Farming
24. Agribusiness: Organic Agriculture, Production and Trade
25. Agriculture and Food Industry
26. Agribusiness: Food Processing and Preservation
27. Agribusiness: Cereals Industry
28. Agribusiness: Dairy Industry
29. Agribusiness: Seafood Industry
30. Agribusiness: Meat Industry
31. Agribusiness: Floriculture Industry
32. Agribusiness: Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Industry
33. Agribusiness: Seed Industry
34. Agribusiness: Fruit and Vegetable Processing
35. Agribusiness: Poultry Industry
36. Agribusiness: Organic Manure and Biofertilizers Industry
37. Abbreviation
38. Glossary
39. Selected References
40. Subject Index


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