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Book-0003 A Handbook of Soil, Fertilizer & Manure (PB), 2nd Edition

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A Handbook of Soil, Fertilizer & Manure (PB), 2nd Edition

Author: Gupta P.K.

Publishing Year: 2015

About the Book:

The Second Edition of the this book provides a brief treatment of the principles of soils, as they exists and interact in the environment and concepts of fertilizer and manure along with practical aspects of their utilization. It is the authors intent to produce compendium of informations that is equally useful to students in curricula, such as soil science, agronomy, horticulture and forestry as well as to non agricultural students of plant science, ecology, natural resources and environmental studies. It will serve as a foundation text for agriculturist and lay person as well. The book offers a comprehensive coverage of chapters on Soil : An Introduction, Soil Formation, Soil Classification, Soil Properties, Soil Fertility, Major Plant Nutrients, The Secondary Nutrients, The Micronutrients, Soil Degradation in India, Soils of India, Soil Pollution, Fertilizer: An Introduction, Nitrogenous Fertilizers, Phosphatic Fertilizers, Potassic Fertilizers, Fertilizer Sources Containing Secondary and Micronutrients, Efficient Use of Fertilizers, Soil Fertility Evaluation and Fertilizer Recommendations, Balanced Fertilization, Fertilizer Policy Issues 12000-2025), Manure : An Introduction, Composting, Biofertilizers / MicrobiaI Inoculant, Vermicomposting, Eco-friendly Farming System. A separate section of related terminology comprising the terms, which are not covered in text has also been included to give better understanding of the subject. The book will be useful for students, associated with conservation, forestry environmental sciences. Efforts have been made to compile recent available informations so as to make it more useful however, perfection is achieved and as such any suggestion for further improvement by the readers will be welcomed. While compiling, the author has drawn some from popular journals, books reports etc. and is indebted to the editors, Publishers and the authors of these publications. The author also indebted to Sh. S.K. Sharma, department of Agronomy, College of Agriculture, Bikaner who collaborated on the related terminology section of this book.

Book Contents:

1. Soil: An Introduction
2. Soil Formation
3. Soil Classification
4. Soil Properties
5. Soil Fertility
6. Major Plant Nutrients
7. The Secondary Nutrients
8. The Micronutrients
9. Soil Degradation in India
10. Soils of India
11. Soil Pollution
12. Fertilizer: An Introduction
13. Nitrogenous Fertilizers
14. Phosphatic Fertilizers
15. Potassic Fertilizers
16. Fertilizer Sources Containing, Secondary and Micronutrients
17. Efficient Use of Fertilizers
18. Soil Fertility Evaluation and Fertilizer Recommendations
19. Balanced Fertilization
20. Fertilizer Policy Issues for (2000-2005)
21. Manure: An Introduction
22. Composting
23. Biofertilizers/Microbial Inoculants
24. Vermicomposting
25. Ecofriendly Farming System
26. Glossary


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