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Book-0004 Bonsai: An Art of Miniature Plant Culture (PB)

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Bonsai: An Art of Miniature Plant Culture (PB)

Author: Dey S.C.

Publishing Year: 2016

About the Book:

The practice of growing plants in pots led to grow bonsai. The herbs and shrubs are grown extensively in containers. Occasionally tree species were tried in pots. They, however, could not grow tall as they do in nature. As the time passed away they gradually got the imprints of age that made them more beautiful and caught the imagination of growers and viewers alike. It is then the impetus to bonsai growing generated. Gradually it began to spread to the different parts of the globe. Many techniques were innovated and applied, which were the artificial means for giving the natural touches to the bonsai. The imprints of age is brought about earlier than usual. Hence the utility of the techniques. Bonsai growing is developed into a special branch of home gardening. Bonsai is grown with love and affection which is comparable to rearing pets. It demands more care and attention to attain perfection. Bonsai culture was innovated in China and developed in Japan. It is held in great esteem by the Japanese and associated gradually with their culture. Century-old bonsai are not the rare things there. The art and science of growing bonsai are taught to the members of the bonsai societies of Japan. House plants are beautiful for their attractive foliage whereas bonsai are for their age-old grotesque form. Both are reared as indoor plants. If a good number of bonsai are grown a conservatory is needed to accommodate them. 

Book Contents:

1. Introduction
2. Why Bonsai
3. Aesthetic Aspects
4. Details of Bonsai Parts
5. Indoor Bonsai
6. Ideal Environments for Bonsai
7. Selection of Species
8. Planting Materials
9. Bonsai Nursery
10. Containers for Bonsai
11. Potting Compost
12. Potting
13. Step-By-Step Development
14. Root Pruning Shifting or Repotting
15. Fixing Large Bonsai to A Shallow Pot
16. Methods of Dwarfing
17. Watering Weeding and Feeding
18. Different Styles
19. Training of Bonsai
20. Tools Implements and Accessories
21. Flowering and Fruit Bearing Bonsai
22. Bonsai of Attractive Foliage
23. Displaying
24. Peat and Disease Control
25. Conservatory for Bonsai
26. Glossary
27. Bonsai Nursery
28. Bonsai Societies
29. Reading Materials
30. Index (Species and Cultivars)
31. Index (General)









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