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Book-0011 Mushroom Growing (HB)

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Mushroom Growing (HB)

Author: Dey S.C. 

Publishing Year: 2013

Book Contents:

1. Introduction
2. History
3. Progress in India
4. Botanical Features and Propagation
5. Conventional Types of Compost
6. Compost Making and Spawning
7. Controlling Weed Fungi
8. Temperature Requirements
9. Accessories and Equipment
10. Cultivation of Button Mushroom
11. Cultivation of Oyester Mushroom
12. Growing Paddy-Straw Mushroom
13. Preparing Grain Spawn
14. Do's and Dont's of Mushroom Growing
15. Delicious Recipies of Mushroom
16. Commercial Aspects and Economics
17. Nutrition from Mushroom
18. Mushroom Growing in Gardens
19. Preservation of Mushroom
20. Edible Mushrooms of This Country
21. Poisonous Mushrooms
22. Other Uses of Mushrooms
23. Appendixes




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