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Book-0014 Fruits Growing in Pots (HB)

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Fruits Growing in Pots (HB)

Author: Dey S.C. 

Publishing Year: 2010

About the Book:

Even a decade ago it was inconceivable that the fruit trees with bearing can be grown in pots because it was thought that the tree species are not suitable for pot culture. However, the experience of growing Bonsai has led to take up the fruit plants for growing in pots. The success has been achieved, which is evident from the fruit -bearing exhibits of the flower shows. Now a day almost all flower shows are extended to include the new sections for fruits and vegetables in pots. So far the visitors of the flower shows were charmed with enchanting blooms but now they are being overwhelmed with the fantastic feats shown by the growers of fruits in pots. First it was deemed to be a fun. Gradually however it seems to be promising. Hence its utility is being felt. The scarcity of ground space for gardening in the urban and industrial areas has promoted the gardeners to opt for the pot culture. An old bonsai grown in a plate-like pot can give plenty of flowers and sometimes fruits. This serves as an eye-opener to those who are desirous of growing fruits but the shortage of land did not make it fruitful. In the beginning over-sized pots were used for this purpose. Some of them put one-step forward and plant coconut seedlings in the condemned water tanks. Within a few years of growth the attempts were crowned with success. It was then the gardeners shook off their doubts and became confident of success. As the numbers of growers were few at the beginning the common growers thought that the secret of success lies in the complicated process, which is difficult to learn and practice. Gradually, however, it spreads among the growers of ornamentals in pots. As a result, the demand of books on pot culture of fruits has been created. However, there are no such books in the market. To fill in the void Fruit Growing in pots is written and brought out. I am grateful to those who have extended their help in preparing the manuscript especially with the photographs. If the readers find it useful, the efforts of all who are involved in bringing out the book will be fruitful.

Book Contents:

1. Why Growing in Pots
2. Fruits in Our Dietary
3. Soil, Plant Food and Fertilizer
4. Root Growth
5. Longevity of Tree-Species in Pots
6. Selection of Pots
7. Propagation
8. Potting Compost
9. Potting
10. Cultural Operations
11. Species and Cultivars
12. Watering By Automatic Equipments
13. Pest and Disease Control
14. Nutrition from Fruits
15. Appendix A to C
16. References







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