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Book-0016 Soil Microbiology (PB)

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Soil Microbiology (PB)

Author: Singh Tanuja, Purohit S.S., Parihar P. 

Publishing Year: 2016

Book Contents:

1. The Soil
2. Soil Ecosystem and Soil Microbes
3. Taxonomy of Microorganisms
4. Microbial Biodiversity: the Natural Biological Capital of the Earth
5. Growth Patterns and Interactions of Mixed Populations
6. Chemical Interactions of Biological Origin in Soil
7. The Biofilm
8. Humus and Humic Substances
9. Soil Bacteria
10. Archaeobacteria, Actinomycetes and Actinoplanetes in Soil
11. Algae in Soil
12. Fungi in Soil
13. Nematode in Soil
14. Protozoa in Soil
15. The Rhizosphere
16. Carbon Cycle and Microbes
17. Sulphur Cycle and Microbes
18. Phosphorus Cycle
19. Iron Cycle
20. Soil Microbes and Nitrogen Fixation
21. Microbal Inoculants for Nitrogen Fixation
22. Rhizobium Biofertilizer
23. Application of Biofertilizers in Field Crops
24. Production of Rhizobium Biofertilizer
25. Azospirillum Biofertilizer
26. Azotobacter Biofertilizer
27. Blue Green Algae and Azolla as Biofertilizer
28. Estimation of Nitrogen Fixation
29. Biological Mobilization of Phosphorus
30. Vesicular-Arbuscular Mycorrhizae (Vam)
31. The Cyclic System of Nutrient Management
32. Laboratory Culture of Microbial Biofertilizers
33. Mass Production of Biofertilizers
34. Quality Control in Bioinoculants
35. Perspectives
Selected Bibliography
Subject Index 

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