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Book-0017 Production Technology of Spices (PB)

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Production Technology of Spices (PB)

Author: Shakila A, Anburani A.

Publishing Year: 2013

About the Book: 

India is considered as the Home of Spices since ancient times. India has the privilege of producing all types of spices. This book basically deals with the area and production of spices in India, uses of spices, botanical description of spices, cultivation aspects of spices and value addition of spices. The entire book has been divided into five major parts, viz., Major Spices, Tree Spices, Seed Spices, Herbal Spices and other Spices. This book has been designed to serve the dual purpose of text book as well as reference book. The information contained in this book will be of immense value and act as a guide to the students, researchers, extension workers and growers of spice crops.

Book Contents:

I. Introduction
II. Major Spices
1. Pepper
2. Cardamom
3. Turmeric
4. Ginger
III. Tree Spices
5. Clove
6. Cinnamon
7. Nutmeg
8. Allspice
9. Tamarind
10. Curry Leaf
11. Asafoetida
12. Cambodge
IV. Seed Spices
13. Coriander
14. Cumin
15. Fenugreek
16. Fennel
17. Ajowan
18. Anise
19. Star Anise
20. Caraway
V. Herbal Spices
21. Rosemary
22. Thyme
23. Parsley
24. Celery
25. Horse Radish
26. Oregano
27. Marjoram
28. Sage
VI. Other Spices
29. Garlic
30. Vanilla
31. Saffron
VII. Spice Extraction Methods
VIII. Value Addition in Spices
IX. Annexures
X. Suggested Readings







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