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SC-N-001 Nutrisorb Gel - 50 gms sachet

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Nutrisorb Gel is a modern cross linked Potassium based organic Polyacrylamide. It is a soil conditioner specially designed and developed for water retention and release in soil along with inbuilt nutrients for root and plant growth. It can be used near roots in potted plants or can be mixed with potting medium when planting a new plant.  

Dosage: Potted Plants - 10 gms. per pot (Mix Nutrisorb in soil near root zone, Fruit Plants - 20 gms. per plant


1. Nutrisorb holds water, hence watering of plants can be done once in 4-5 days.

2. Nutrisorb has inbuilt nutrients which bring about root and plant growth and induce flowering.

3. Nutrisorb reduces transplant shock.

4. Nutrisorb improves soil aeration and porosity.

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