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SC-PS-001 Pop Soil - 5 ltr. bag

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SC-PS-002 Pop Soil - 50 ltr. bag

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The new generation light weight everlasting soil.

Pop Soil is basically clay pellets made by advanced firing technology. It is a clay (soil) but made into round pellets for better results. All the problems related to soil are eliminated making gardening a more pleasurable experience.


1. It can be used for all kinds & all sizes of plants.

2. It absorbs water and food and gives each plant exactly what it needs.

3. It is lightweight, making handling of pots easier.

4. It does not crack or disintegrate providing plenty of space for air near roots.


1. as a decoration of toplayer in pots.

2. for drainage and water reservoir in pots.

3. by mixing with soil

4. as direct potting medium

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