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GA-PWM-003 Pine Wood Mulch - 100 gms pack - Sienna (red)

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GA-PWM-004 Pine Wood Mulch - 100 gms pack - Colour Golden

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GA-PWM-001 Pine Wood Mulch - 2 cubic feet (approx 55 ltres) - Sienna (red)

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GA-PWM-002 Pine Wood Mulch - 2 cubic feet (approx 55 ltres) - Golden

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This is an organic garden decor mulch, made of pine wood. It can be used around trees & shrubs. It can be added to a depth of 2-3 inches around a plant. Some colour fading of exposed material may occur due to environmental conditions such as heavy rain or intense sunlight. It is recommended that the mulch be turned seasonally to optimize color. The protective layer of the mulch on top of the soil,

1. insulates soil to retain moisture by reducing evaporation of moisture as top soil is not exposed to the atmosphere.

2. inhibits the growth of weeds by preventing germination & denying the weeds of space & exposure.

3. insulates the soil from extreme heat, cold & contaninants. This helps to moderate & maintain soil temperature.

4. Unlike some other products, this mulch allows water and air to penetrate the soil.

Being 100% organic & natural, the mulch is fully safe for use around pets & also for use around kids play areas.

The 100 gms bags are suitable for top layering of one 10-12" pot, (pot size typically used in homes and offices).

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