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GA-SN-001 Shade Net, 50% - Green

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GA-SN-002 Shade Net, 75% - Green

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The Shade Nets are made of High Density Polythelyne (HDPE) and are UV Stabilized. The Shade Nets are made from 100 % Virgin Materials and have High GSM (Gram per Sq Meter).

In 50% shade nets, 50% of sunlight is blocked. In 75% shade nets, 75% of sunlight is blocked.

These shade nets are useful in plant nurseries, vegetable farming, polyhouses and other general purpose use. Advantages Of ShadeNet Protects Plants/Crops From Excessive Sunlight. Provides Uniform Shade For Better Yield. Acts as A Barrier against heavy Rains, Hail Storms and other Natures Fury. Protects against Insects, Birds. Reduces Water Evaporation.

Standard available size is 3 metres width x 50 metres length.

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