Vertical gardens are a great way to bring greenery around you even with minimal horizontal space. Horizontal space being a luxury in most urban settings!

However, though vertical living walls can be very beautiful and refreshing, the maintenance and upkeep can be sometimes time consuming and costly. Developing and maintaining a natural living wall involves many factors including plumbing, watering, regular maintenance and light availability.

Artificial vertical gardens are an alternative creative way to get the green look, without the maintenance fuss.

We can offer a variety of options depending on the space available and the budget. One can opt for only a green hedge look, or a mix of green hedge and shrubs look or a mix shrubs look in different shades of green.

Advantages of artificial vertical garden

  • One time cost
  • No irrigation
  • No light requirement
  • No maintenance
  • No dead spots due to damaged plants or due to pests
  • Instant green look
  • It can be installed indoors and outdoors with equal ease

For more images of our Artificial Vertical Garden projects, please visit our Image Gallery.

Artificial Vertical Garden
Artificial Vertical Garden