Garden irrigation systems are a must-have option for gardens, nurseries, plantations or vertical gardens.

Benefits of having irrigation system

  • It significantly reduces the physical work of watering the garden, freeing up precious time of gardeners.
  • The other important benefit of using a garden irrigation system is its water saving efficiency.
  • Some of these systems can be operated with a water timer for automation.

A garden watering system involves creating a network of pipes that takes water around the garden and delivers it to the plants through either drip irrigation, spray jets, sprinklers or pop up sprinklers.

Following are the different types of irrigation system options and their uses.

Jets and Sprays

Jets and sprays provide a soaking spray over large areas, and can be used to cover many plants using just one spray. Each spray covers an area of a specific radius, so this is best used in flower beds, borders, lawns and other landscaped areas. They can also be used in the greenhouse spraying from above.

Pop Up Sprinklers

This system is installed completely underground and the pop up sprinklers are only seen when the system is activated, and retract back down when the watering has finished.

Drip Irrigation

This system involves a network of pipes to carry water around your garden with small drippers near each plant. The drippers release water slowly, allowing time for the root zone to soak thoroughly without runoff and wastage. A drip irrigation system is ideal for borders, flowerbeds, vegetable patches, greenhouses, large nurseries and plants in containers.

Irrigation 1
Irrigation 2

We undertake all types of irrigation projects for indoor and outdoor vertical gardens, and for lawns and gardens at various offices, hotels, bungalows, educational institutes, etc.