Design Process

Our ‘Design’ service includes designing a client’s space as per their requirements and we guarantee satisfying outcomes. We believe that our design has to include client’s inputs throughout our design process for attaining their desired ambience. With our customised designs, we will transform your empty space into a green sanctuary of your choice.

Our design approach takes into consideration all the aspects of a project which include site conditions, client expectations, timeframe, budget and practicality.

Our design process focuses on the selection of the live components of the design – the plants. Plants bring life and vibrancy to the whole design. The inanimate components of the design, which include the pathways, sitouts/decks, pergolas, walls, planters, etc, are nevertheless designed with equal care.

Our Role in Implementation and Maintenance

Our role in implementation of the design will include preparation of documents to invite quotations, comparison of quotes received from various vendors, identification and finalisation of the implementation vendor and supervision/consultation during project. Our scope during implementation will include periodic checks and meetings to confirm progress as per finalised designs, budget and expected timeline.

The same can also be done for the maintenance contracts, after implementation of the design is completed as per client satisfaction.

Landscape Autocad Drawing
Landscape Autocad Drawing