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FB-AM-001 Amaryllis Flower Bulbs - 3 Nos. (mix colour)

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Amaryllis deliver huge, brilliant flowers, in abundance and in lots of jazzy color combinations. Some are even fragrant. They are also - surprisingly - among the easiest plants to grow.


1. Choose your containers with an understanding that big amaryllis bulbs develop very large, heavy flowers.

2. Fill your containers with good quality, well-drained soil. Make sure there are adequate drainage holes; the bulbs must never sit in waterlogged soil or they will rot.

3. Site the containers where they will receive sun for all, or most, of the day.

4. Plant the bulbs with an inch of the bulb above the soil surface.

5. The bulbs will develop roots as the tops sprout and occassionally flower stalks will develop in the fall. Mid spring is when amaryllis bloom is in full swing.

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